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As we prepare for the new school year, one that will look very different from anything we have ever seen, High Touch High Tech would like to assure you that we remain your partner in providing FUN, educational, hands-on science for your students! We are poised and ready to support your science curriculum needs!

For the 2021-2020 school year, we are pleased to offer our traditional on-location / in-school science workshops as well as our NEW virtual classes! No problem! We will package and deliver supplies to your school and then teach the science program LIVE via Zoom! 

High Touch High Tech Virtual Science Workshops are....
 - Aligned with the North Carolina Essential Standards for Science (NCES), customized by grade for Kindergarten through 5th Grade.
 - Supply intensive and totally hands-on for each and every student.
 - 60 minutes in length and serve up to 30 students per class.
 - Facilitated by our degreed Science Instructors who are trained to engage each virtual class in non-stop, hands-on, FUN learning! 

COVID-19 Safety Protocol

High Touch High Tech remains committed to the health and safety of your staff and students. As we all work to regain our sense of normalcy, safety precautions preventing the spread of COVID-19 are our greatest priority. For this reason, our practices to help minimize the spread of potentially harmful germs include:
- Pre-packaged Science "Kits" for each student/class
- Sanitary techniques implemented when packaging supplies 
- Visiting your school wearing proper PPE and practicing social distancing
- Adapting to your school's Safety Guidelines   


High Touch High Tech is pleased to offer
Virtual Science Programs!

Option #1: Virtual Science Program with STEM kit delivery - Students ON-Campus
- Serving up to 30 students per 60-minute class
- $10.00 per student ($200.00 daily minimum) + delivery fees
- Individually packaged science "kit" per student - delivered to school
- Private & secure Zoom link provided per class
- Discounts for entire grade and/or multiple reservations per class

Option #2: Virtual Science Program Demonstration
- Serving up to 30 students per 60-minute class
- $7.00 per student (minimums apply) 
- Private & secure Zoom link provided per class
- Discounts for entire grade and/or multiple reservations per class


See our NCES program line-up by clicking on the link below!

2021-2022 Elementary Program Guide

High Touch High Tech will engage each class of students for 60-minutes of exploratory, hands-on, FUN, science experiences! 

60-minute session
$8.00 per student ($200.00 daily minimum)
30 student maximum enrollment per class
$20.00 delivery fee may apply

Science Programs for Kids


Encourage science discovery in children around the world!

HTHT @ Home!

Check out these FUN and engaging experiments you can do right at home. Bring these exciting experiments to life using simple materials found around your house!

Experiment Lesson Plan Video        Blog Post
Fungi Prints Lesson Plan  YouTube Video  Blog Post
Germ Game Lesson Plan  FB Live Video  Blog Post
Compost in a Cup Lesson Plan  FB Live Video  Blog Post
Chromatography Flowers Lesson Plan  YouTube Video  Blog Post
Bee Pollination Game Lesson Plan  FB Live Video  Blog Post
Bird Migration Observation Lesson Plan  YouTube Video  Blog Post
Sugar Cube Igloo Lesson Plan  YouTube Video  Blog Post
Make a Sundial Lesson Plan  FB Live Video  Blog Post
Smarty Plants Lesson Plan  FB Live Video  Blog Post
Solar Oven S'mores Lesson Plan  FB Live Video  Blog Post
Ice Cube Fishing Lesson Plan  FB Live Video  Blog Post
Ice Cream Recipe Lesson Plan  FB Live Video  Blog Post
Exploding Colors Lesson Plan  YouTube Video  Blog Post
Lava Lamp Lesson Plan  YouTube Video  Blog Post
Science Programs for Kids


Discover the power of observation as students journey through experimentation!

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